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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work for free?
No I don't work for free. My time is valuable and I have plenty of clients to keep me occupied. Would you work for free if you were asked to?

Our budget is very limited, will you still work with us?
I offer a range of packages and extras with any project I agree to work on. The initial consultation meeting for a project is also fee of charge, so you would have nothing to lose in booking a meeting to discuss the project and options I have available.

Will you work in exchange for company shares or promises of future work?
No. Company shares don't put food on the table, and if you can't afford me now, why should I believe you will pay me next time?

I know nothing about how to run a website, will you provide help and support after the website is launched?
It is important to me that all of my clients feel comfortable running their website and achieve the success they are aiming for. Although there is a limit to the free help and advise I can give out, I can arrange to do regular meetings and web maintenance so you can have plenty of professional advice.

I already have a design for my website, will you still build it?
As long as the design is realistic and you're willing to understand more complex designs take more time to build and therefore may cost extra then it's completely fine.

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