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I offer numerous services to my clients, all delivered conveniently and at a professional level. If you can't find what you are looking for in the list below, feel free to get in touch as I have numerous contacts who can provide the high quality service you deserve, either directly or through myself if you prefer.

If you would like to see some of my work, feel free to contact me and I will happily provide examples and reference.

Websites & Web Design

The main service I provide are websites. Throughout my career I have worked on and maintained over 150 different websites of varying size and complexity.

My aim is to design and develop the perfect web solution to meet your requirements. I will help and advise you through the process to make your website a success. I also provide a full after care service so you an continue to get all the support you need once your website is launched.

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More businesses are now turning to online selling. There are some great opportunities to be taken advantage of, but also some fierce competiton. The e-commerce websites I have worked on take a combined total of over £1 million a year and are still growing and expanding.

Not only will I build you a functioning e-commerce website that you can have full control over, I will make sure it functions well for your customers. As well as all of that I will also provide help, support and advice drawing on my years of experience with online shopping and e-commerce websites. This will ensure you can market yourself to the right customers, convert them to orders and loyal customers and therefore grow and establish yourself with a successful online store and brand.

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Web hosting

All my websites are hosted on secure UK based servers with a reliability rating of 99.9% but regularly achieving 100% uptime. I am capable of providing both shared and dedicated server space based on your specific requirements.

Hosting services start at £5.00 per month and scale depending on your specific needs, although most simple websites will fit in to the lower priced categories.

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My SEO package offers something a little different from most others on the market. My methods are successfully tried and tested and are based on cold, hard results rather than occupying the highest position on Google. Does your website generate orders? Do you get lots of enquiries? These are the most important questions to me and using SEO is just one of many methods to make that happen. After all, what is the point in being "number one on Google" if you get no orders or enquiries?

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Website Promotion

There is a lot more to successful website promotion than being on Google and having a Facebook account. I will sit down with you, identify your target audience and find the appropriate way to make a connection with them within the budget you set. We will then monitor what methods are working and adjust spending to optimise the return on your investment.

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Consultancy and Advice

Operating a successful website can be a rewarding but time consuming endeavour, especially while trying to maintain your existing business. To make life easier for you I offer a consultancy and advice service where we can sit down together and discuss the progress and future strategy for your website and any changes or new features you want to implement.

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Web Design

Effective and affordable websites
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Easy to operate online shops
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Online Marketing

Getting your website the exposure it deserves
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Copy Writing

Get your web content to deliver maximum impact
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Web Hosting

Reliable, secure and low cost web hosting
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